Industry Interviews

Wayne Carini

Wayne Carini has a lifetime of experience in automobile restoration, and a resume that includes work on rare car collections for many well-heeled owners. For the past decade, Wayne has hosted the highly acclaimed Chasing Classic Cars on the Velocity Channel.

Ed Bolian

Ed Bolian is a former exotic car salesman, and founder of VINwiki, the successful crowd sourcing app. Ed also hosts entertaining and educational car stories featured on his series of more than 900 videos, and followed by 1.25 million VINwiki subscribers on YouTube.

Skip Barber

Skip Barber is a former car racer, and one of a select few Americans to compete in a Formula 1 World Championship. Skip’s racing school has trained over one-third of all Indy 500 competitors, and one-quarter of Nascar Sprint Cup competitors. He has a career dedicated to motorsports.

Ken Lingenfelter

After selling his successful title insurance business, Ken Lingenfelter took over operations at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. He also uses his 250 car Lingenfelter Collection to raise money for a broad range of charitable causes.  

Cam Ingram

Cam Ingram is the owner of Road Scholars, an award-winning business specializing in restoring significant automobiles, managing Porsche collections for private clients, plus selling some of the rarest automobiles in the entire world.

McKeel Hagerty

McKeel Hagerty is founder and CEO of The Hagerty Group, the world’s largest membership, financial services, and media organization for collectible vehicles and owners. He is also an in-demand speaker on business success and personal growth.

Steve Serio

Steve Serio began his career with a side business exporting vintage Aston Martins back to the UK; which led to ownership of a successful Aston Martin dealership. His high-end brokerage business locates, evaluates and purchases rare, multi-million dollar cars.

Paul Russell

In the world of vintage car restoration, Paul Russell and his team of automotive craftsmen are considered to be rock stars. They focus on preserving European classics from the 1960s and earlier for some of the world most sophisticated and serious car enthusiasts.

Keith Martin

30 years ago, largely as a sideline business, Keith Martin founded the Sports Car Market newsletter. Today, through his two publications and other ventures, Keith is recognized as one of the collector car industry’s most respected authorities. His love of cars started at just 3 years old.

Martin Button

Few people who attend exclusive automotive events – like Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance – consider how those rare and expensive cars arrive there safely. That’s what Martin Button, President of Cosdel International Transportation, thinks about every day.

Bruce Trenery

Bruce Trenery has established California-based Fantasy Junction as one of the most successful and respected consignment houses for collector cars. Over four decades, Bruce has supplied some of the world’s finest special interest cars for serious collectors and enthusiasts around the world.